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Frequently Asked Questions

In which situations do I require locksmith services?

For most people, the most common reason they call a locksmith is when they are locked out of their house, car or office. But others call to have keys made or to get into safes that they forgot the combinations to.

Which locksmith services do you offer to your clients?

We are a full-service, professional firm, offering all locksmith services, including, but not limited to home/car/office lockouts, key duplication, re-keying of any lock, master key services, emergency doors, garages, window locks, smart locks, key fobs, key transponders and ignition systems.

Does Advanced Locksmiths provide 24-hour locksmith services?

Yes. We offer 24-hour, year-round service. You can call us anytime you need us and we’ll respond promptly and take care of your emergency.

Are you a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith?

Yes. All our technicians are fully trained and insured according to CO State requirements.

Do you charge a minimum out-call fee?

We charge a fee for our locksmith services but no separate fee for traveling to your location to do work. If you do however cancel the appointment or turns out you don’t need our service after we arrived, we do charge a $29 service charge.

Can I schedule an appointment in advance?

Yes. We gladly book appointments. We can travel to your location or you can come to us. It’s your choice.

Can I book a locksmith online?

Of course. Visit our website and fill out a short reservation form to book an appointment.

Is the work guaranteed?

All of our work, as professional locksmiths, is guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with our work, let us know and we’ll make it right. Our workmanship guarantee is for 6 months, and hardware depends on the brand however is the minimum is usually 1 year.

How long does an emergency locksmith take to come?

It depends how far away from us you are at the time of the emergency. We can’t break speed limit laws, but we do get on the road immediately after you contact us.

Do you charge a service fee to come to our house or office and look at all our keys?

If you simply want us to look at your locks and keys we’ll be happy to do that for a small fee. But if you decide to hire us to do work, we’ll be glad to discount the amount of the fee from the total bill.

What kind of payments do you accept?

As a full-service locksmith firm, we are equipped to accept all forms of payment, including credit cards, travelers checks, money orders, cash, and crypto-currency.

What is your service area?

We serve the entire Denver metro area.

What is lock re-keying?

It’s the process of changing the lock to accept a new key. In other words, you’re keeping the same lock but using a different key to open it.

Can a broken lock be fixed or should it be replaced?

If it’s broken beyond repair, you should replace it. Sometimes it takes longer to repair a broken lock than to install a newer, more secure one. It’s possible you could spend less putting a new lock in than repairing an old one.

How long does it take to install a new lock?

For most household, office and other locks, we can install a new unit in less than 20 minutes. For larger, high-tech locks, it might take a bit longer, but our team has years of experience in the field and does very fast installations.

What door locks are the most secure for my home?

It depends on the type of doors you have and the amount of security you want. Usually, keyless, electronic locks that include deadbolts are among the most secure locks on the market.

Is it possible to obtain new keys for a padlock?

Yes although normally it isn’t worth the trouble and price tag. In most padlock lockouts and calls we normally proceed with cutting the old padlock and installing a new one.

Can any lock be picked?

Many locks can be picked but most of the modern keyless and electronic locks cannot be picked. You need special, high-tech equipment to open those locks without a code or key-card.

Can I use the same key for all of my locks?

Yes, we can create a master key system for you, so that whoever holds the master can get into any lock in the system. Others, who don’t have a master key, will have to use a different key for each lock.

For most single family home or apartment use cases, a simple rekey would do the trick to have all of your locks in your home use the same key.

Is it really possible to open a door with just a swipe of a credit card?

Yes, keyless entry systems, which happen to be quite popular in motels and offices these days, are becoming popular in residential homes as well.

I am locked out of my apartment. Can you help me get in?

Yes, but realize that some apartment managers will require you to call their personal locksmith and won’t allow others on the property. It really depends on the rules of your apartment property.

Do you install keyless entrance systems?

Yes, we install, repair and replace all makes and models of keyless entry systems.

I locked myself out of my car. What should I do?

Call us immediately and we’ll arrive quickly to get you back in. Try to find a safe place to wait until we arrive.

What is a master key?

A master key is able to open all the locks in a building or home. People who don’t have the master key will have to use the specific key for each particular lock. Many maintenance workers, security guards and office managers have master keys.

Is it possible for me to open all the doors in my house with a single key?

Yes. We can create a “master key” system for your home or office.

Do you work on electronic lock systems?

Yes, we work on all brands of electronic locks and locking systems.

Should I change all the locks when I move into a new home?

Realtors will often say no, but we usually advise people to do so. Even if the home is brand-new, you have no way of knowing who has extra keys from the original set.

We do recommend getting a re-key which will continue using your existing hardware with a new key, while preventing the old key from accessing the property. It will be less expensive than replacing the locks and more environmentally friendly.

Should I change the locks if I lose my keys?

It’s your decision, but often makes good sense, from a security standpoint. You never know who might find your keys and try to gain access to your property.

A good question to ask, is if you lost your key in a context where the finder/thief knows where you leave, or where your car is located?

If yes, then we recommend getting a rekey. If not, then you are very likely safe to keep your existing keys, as the person who now has the key doesn’t know where you live or what car you have.

Can you install a smart lock?

Yes, we install, repair and remove all makes and models of smart locks.

With which models of vehicles can you make keys and fobs for?

We can make car keys, key fobs, and remotes for all models of cars. The price does change based on the brand, make and model, so the best option is to contact us for a quote. That said, we are able to beat dealer pricing on almost all vehicle types, and do it at the convenience of your home in less than an hour, versus towing your car to the dealership and waiting half a day for service.

I need to change all the locks in my office building. Can you do it?

Absolutely. Our commercial locksmith technicians are experienced in lock changing, rekey and master key systems for office buildings and commercial buildings.