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How Can We Best Serve Your Emergency Locksmith Needs?

We have diligently built our reputation, beginning more than ten years ago as the premier emergency locksmith in the Greater Denver area. In those early days, we offered a wide range of emergency assistance, like helping people who were locked out of cars, houses, and offices. Sometimes they called us when they were facing late-night emergencies with broken, stolen, misplaced, or jammed keys indoors of their homes, cars, offices, and trucks.

Today, we have grown considerably and are proud of our huge menu of emergency services. We’re also thankful to every single one of our customers; they are the ones who have stuck with us through the years and told others about our work. They have provided incredibly positive word-of-mouth advertising that has made us the emergency locksmith that Denver folks turn to time after time, month after month, year after year.

What is our mission? It’s simple: we want to turn your emergency around by arriving quickly and getting the job done. That means you can get back to your life, your job, and your travels without interruption. The fact is that locksmith emergencies do come up in everyone’s life from time to time. The good news is that you can call us and not let your day go down the drain because of the emergency.

Emergency Locksmith Services in Denver

Our emergency locksmith teams do it all. That’s why they are the ones Denver residents, business owners, and drivers call when they need help f-a-s-t. Of course, we assist our customers with all kinds of emergencies. Here’s a representative list of a few of our most-requested emergency services.

  • Home, Vehicle, and Office Lockouts:
    By far, this is one of our most popular services for folks who need quick access to their offices, cars, and houses. Sometimes they’ve simply locked the keys inside or lost them. In other instances, they’re facing a situation of having their keys stolen, broken, or jammed. The common factor is that they need super-fast assistance so they can get back in.
  • Key Retrieval from Cars, Houses, and Places of Business:
    When people work, travel in their vehicles, go shopping, or do just about anything, they sometimes leave house, office, or car keys in a known place, like a trunk, on a kitchen table, or on their office desk. We show up and get them in so they can retrieve their keys and get on with their daily life.
  • Replacement of Keys That are Broken or Stolen:
    It’s not always about losing your keys or locking them inside your house, vehicle, or office. Frequently, we get calls from folks whose keys break off in a lock due to extreme cold or just having an old, worn-out key. Other times, keys are truly lost or stolen. Our technicians are glad to cut as many new keys as you need, right on the spot.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Duplication of Keys:
    No matter the reason, we’re prepared to instantly duplicate your keys. Whether you want one or 100 to deal with an emergency, we have the equipment and trained experts ready to go on a moment’s notice.
  • Programming and/or Replacement of Key Transponders and Key Fobs for Vehicles and Smart Locking Systems of All Kinds:
    If any of your locks, for vehicle, office, or home, come with transponders or fobs, our technicians can quickly and efficiently re-set or reprogram those devices so you can use them again. We’re glad to help even when you’re dealing with a totally broken device, one that’s been lost, or been stolen. In fact, it’s quite common for people to accidentally run over their transponders and fobs with a car, so don’t think you’re the first one to have that happen!
  • Replacement of Vehicle Ignition Cylinders and Switches:
    If you have an emergency with a vehicle ignition, we can fix it or replace it, whatever the situation calls for.
  • Re-Keying Service for Vehicles, Office Locks, and Household Locking Systems:
    If you’ve been the victim of a burglary or break-in, it’s possible you want your locks to be re-keyed. That’s when you keep the main part of the lock but just have us re-do the part where the key is inserted. We’ll re-key any lock you have quickly, so you don’t have to lose sleep about someone “out there” having your keys.
  • Unlocking of Doors and Security Safes:
    Some of our customers call us for the sole purpose of getting a vehicle door, security safe, office entrance, or house door unlocked. It’s smart to call a trained locksmith for even simple services like this. That’s because it’s far too easy to damage an otherwise good lock by tampering with it when you don’t have the right tools or experience.
  • Extraction of Keys When They’re Jammed In a Lock:
    Keys get jammed all the time, often breaking in half like brittle glass. This happens quite often during cold Colorado winters, so don’t be surprised if you attempt to turn an office, vehicle, or house key and have it snap right in your hand. At this point, you’re facing two things at once: a lock that won’t work, even if you have a spare key in your pocket, and a primary key that is now totally non-functional.

    We’ll get to work by first extracting the jammed part of the key and then making sure the lock is still in good shape. If you need a fresh key, we’ll cut it right there and make you as many copies as you need.

BEST Flat Price Residential Lockout

Get back into your home, office, or vehicle immediately. Our flat rates come with zero surprises so you always know how much it will cost before requesting service. Flat rates are for customers who take advantage of online booking.

5-Star Ratings & Reviews From Real Customers

We hear from people every day about how pleased they are with our emergency locksmith services. How do they tell us about their experiences? They use social media, call us to say how glad they are to have found us, send us emails, and even tell our technicians in person about how helpful our emergency locksmith services are.

And, because Denver residents, business owners, and vehicle owners call us for help every day of the year, we’re proud of the fact that we get so much positive feedback. Here’s a small sample of the 5-star reviews we receive by the hundreds, all of which are posted on verifiable review websites:

Google Verified

The guy was great.  Everyone was very friendly.  I needed an old lock fixed because the previous owner of my house painted it, they fixed it up nice, and even were able to get the right key for it! I will definitely be using them in the future for locksmithing needs, which for me is a lot since I’m always locking myself out of places 😉 thanks guys!

Sarah Keller

Google Verified

My key broke inside my ignition.  Aaron came out diagnosed the problem and came back twice to make sure the issue was resolved.  I appreciate the professionalism Aaron showed and he guaranteed his work. Hopefully, I won’t need a locksmith anytime soon but if I do, Advanced  Locksmith will be my first call.

P Vieyra

Google Verified

My locksmith JD was extremely knowledgeable, professional and punctual. He came and did exactly what I needed him to in a very efficient manner. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

Gage Groves

Google Verified

Jon H was awesome worked efficiently and quickly did what he said he would! Kept in contact the entire time he was on his way. Definitely using them again!

Sylvia Ortiz

Google Verified

Larry and Neil were fast, professional, and extremely friendly. They helped us in a pinch. Don’t look anywhere else for a locksmith, this is your goto. I used them for a house under unconventionally stressful circumstances, and they made the process painless and smooth.

Nick Vinson

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does an emergency locksmith do?

The key thing to remember about emergency locksmith services is the word “emergency.” In other words, it’s about getting assistance fast, when you’re stranded, locked out of a home, office, or vehicle. You need instant response in situations like these. The emergency locksmith can do dozens of things upon arrival, like opening doors, getting you into security safes, fixing broken locks or ignition systems, replacing damaged locks, reprogramming smart locks or vehicle key fobs/transponders, and much more.

Do you offer 24-hour service for all customers?

Yes. We never close our doors, and proudly offer emergency locksmith services around the clock, 365 days per year, even on major holidays and in treacherous weather conditions.

What should I do if I get locked out of my house, office, or car?

Call us immediately. There’s no sense in waiting when you need emergency services from a trained locksmith. Our number is +1 303-317-5355, and you can call anytime of the day or night. We’ll answer and be on the way in minutes.

Which cities and geographic areas do you serve?

We serve Denver and all outlying cities and municipalities, including the entire Front Range group of communities.

How quickly can you arrive at my location once I contact you?

We answer your phone call immediately. Then, we dispatch a service team within minutes. After that, the amount of time it takes for our technicians to arrive is based solely on the length of the trip.