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How Can We Help You?

When you need locks re-keyed, new access control systems put in, panic bars installed or any other lock-related service, our team of experienced professionals can meet the challenge. Advanced Locksmith can not only get you back into your locked building but can change out mailboxes, repair or unlock safes, get rid of old padlocks and much more. Whether your office space is tiny or huge or some size in between, our commercial locksmith services can take care of all your security needs so you can spend time running your business.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Denver

When it comes to commercial locksmith services, you need to hire a professional team that has the experience with a full range of services. For any business entity, security is essential, and you need to know that you will never be locked out or have to deal with broken locks, jammed file cabinets or inefficient key systems. Our menu of services for business owners is comprehensive, and includes the following:

  • Commercial building lockouts:
    Owners, managers and workers lock themselves out of offices frequently and call our team to get them back in.
  • Commercial re-keying services:
    We can re-key any lock on your office space so you can have the peace of mind that there are no “extra keys” floating around out there.
  • Panic bar and exit device installation and service:
    Panic bars and exit devices are high-tech security features that we install for businesses of all sizes.
  • Master key systems:
    Many commercial businesses prefer to have master key systems for security purposes. Our locksmiths can create one key type that opens various locks so you won’t have to carry dozens of keys on your ring.
  • Hardware for all types of doors:
    We can install special hardware to make doors more secure. Whether the door is old or new, our team can add to the security of any door.
  • Access control and security systems:
    It’s important to give limited access to secure areas and have security systems in place that only let in those who should be getting in. Our commercial locksmith team can devise access control and security systems to fit your particular needs.
  • Installing new locks on doors:
    When you need new locks on one or more doors, our locksmiths can do the job right and right away.
  • Repairing or replacing old locks:
    Sometimes it makes sense to keep an old lock in place and simply repair it. In other situations, you might want to replace every lock on the building. We can replace or repair any lock you have.
  • Changing out mailboxes:
    Our technicians are able to switch out one or more mailboxes in your office.
  • Unlocking or repairing different types of safes:
    If you have safes on the premises, you need to know you won’t ever be locked out of them and will always have access to sensitive documents they hold. We can unlock, repair or replace any safe you have.
  • Opening and unlocking file cabinets:
    Locked file cabinets are common in most offices these days. Our experts know how to unlock, repair or replace them based on your needs.
  • Cutting off old, rusty padlocks:
    Sometimes former owners leave old, rusty locks on doors and other items. When you need them removed, our team can do so quickly adn easily.
  • Digital lock service and reprogramming:
    Our locksmiths are trained to repair, install and replace any type of digital locking system.

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The guy was great.  Everyone was very friendly.  I needed an old lock fixed because the previous owner of my house painted it, they fixed it up nice, and even were able to get the right key for it! I will definitely be using them in the future for locksmithing needs, which for me is a lot since I’m always locking myself out of places 😉 thanks guys!

Sarah Keller

Google Verified

My key broke inside my ignition.  Aaron came out diagnosed the problem and came back twice to make sure the issue was resolved.  I appreciate the professionalism Aaron showed and he guaranteed his work. Hopefully, I won’t need a locksmith anytime soon but if I do, Advanced  Locksmith will be my first call.

P Vieyra

Google Verified

My locksmith JD was extremely knowledgeable, professional and punctual. He came and did exactly what I needed him to in a very efficient manner. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

Gage Groves

Google Verified

Jon H was awesome worked efficiently and quickly did what he said he would! Kept in contact the entire time he was on his way. Definitely using them again!

Sylvia Ortiz

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Larry and Neil were fast, professional, and extremely friendly. They helped us in a pinch. Don’t look anywhere else for a locksmith, this is your goto. I used them for a house under unconventionally stressful circumstances, and they made the process painless and smooth.

Nick Vinson

Commercial locksmith services

Security is vital for any business, and you can depend on us to offer the best we can to maintain your security. We are a team of locksmiths working together; we are registered and certified, giving you confidence that you have selected an honest, reputable organization for your commercial locksmith needs commercially. Our team takes great care to perform our jobs accurately and safely, but to give you peace of mind, know that you are protected if ever a miscalculation or an accident occurs.

Advanced Locksmith provides locksmith services on a commercial level every hour of every day, including those emergencies when you locked outside your business or need to replace or repair an exit panic bar lock. We also provide mobile locksmith services when you are busy and on the go.

commercial locksmith denver

Commercial Building Lockouts

Our expert locksmiths can service office lockouts. It is one of the most common services that masters handle on almost a daily bases. Our commercial locksmith team has extensive experience, highly trained professionals that are suited to respond to such situations. We operate 24/7 and are here to assist you at any time of the day or night.

You get locked out of your business for several reasons, probably your key got lost, a compromised door lock, or you left your key inside the office or premises. Do not panic because we can and will help you fix any problem. It does not matter the type of lock or key you have. We also acknowledge that such situations are emergencies and need a quick response.

When locked out of your commercial building (office or warehouse), it is not a must that you break a Window or end your day’s work. The best choice would be to call a professional office locksmith to handle the situation smoothly and efficiently. Regardless of the nature of the building (industrial or office) Advanced Locksmith in Denver CO uses numerous techniques to make sure a path of least resistance is identified and finish the job without damaging your office.

Our primary focus is to protect and build your business, home, and property by providing 24/7 emergency commercial locksmith services. With us, you will never have to compromise on the security of your enterprise. We have experts and highly knowledgeable locksmiths that are efficient enough to provide the key replacement as well as cutting on-site to meet your needs on the spot.

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Get back in in no time with our flat rates,  no surprises. Online booking only, every door and every property for just $110.

Mailbox or Cabinet Change

Everyday locks, like the ones found on cabinets and office mailboxes, are continuously in use. It is essential to have every lock working correctly, but especially those that get to be used many times compared to others. Replacing a lock on a cabinet or a mailbox is almost the same as to replace the lock on a door, with several notable differences. The most significant difference is mostly in the mechanics of the lock. A door lock, most of the time, retracts a bolt to open, while in most mailboxes and cabinets, the plug of the key is fixed to a bar that turns with the key.

While replacing the lock, the first step is to open the locked cabinet or mailbox. There may be an additional key for a standard office mailbox that is in the custody of the manager. If the key is missing or has been fractured leaving a piece in the lock, it can still be unlocked. On the lock, there is a pin either facing to the side or facing up. This pin is retracted mostly by hand. A nut that requires to be unfastened could be there allowing the lock to be withdrawn from the hole. The replacement lock is then installed into the opening, followed by placing a new pin to secure the lock.

Safe Lockouts commercial locksmith service

Safe Lockouts

Sometimes the protection measures put in place to secure your business valuables end up preventing you from accessing the property you were securing. In many cases of safe lockouts, the biggest fear is mostly that the owner will never gain access to their valuables or that the content may be damaged by the techniques used in the opening process of the safe. With a locksmith, protecting the materials is of utmost importance. Besides, the servicing locksmith will be cautious to ensure high levels of quality.

The majority of safes works on a combination lock system or a dial system. This system works basically on a network of tabbed wheels (known as a wheel-pack) that are operated by rotating the dial. Tabs of the wheels all connect at a particular point. When the wheels are lined up, a bar attached to the nose (metal hook-shaped form) falls to join the wheel pack.

A digital lock works on a bolting mechanism that restricts the safe from being rotated in the absence of a code. When locked, the bolt prevents the handle from turning the boltwork and secures the safe. An electric signal will be sent by the keypad to the bolt. When it is the right code, it will remove the bolt and enable the boltwork to operate smoothly.

New Lock Installation

Locks do break and fail in some cases, and it is vital to replace them fast and in the right way to be able to protect your office. The first thing an office locksmith will do to allow him/her to install a new lock is to remove the existing one that is faulty. Doorknob locks are complicated and locksmiths will have other essential equipment for doorknob locks. These include a catch device, plug follower, and a spanner.

To extract the handle or the knob from the lock, the catch tool is usually used. To do this, the knob/handle needs to be rotated to allow the opening in the knob rose to be seen.

The reassembling is an articulate reversal of the dismantling process with the keen focus being the fitting of internal components of the knob. Having the new lock in place, the enterprise owner can have the peace of mind knowing that their new locks will operate as needed, and keep the structure and its contents safe.

Master Key System Installations

We can create and install the best master key system for your enterprise. Our team of master key technician locksmiths show up to your location and together work to develop a master key system that is best suited for your specific needs. After listening to what you will have in mind, we map out the master key system plan. Then we dive in with our enthusiastic team to install the system into your apartment building or office space.

Master key systems are best suited for commercial buildings, Hospitals, Colleges and Schools, government institutions, apartments, and Commercial warehouses.

Master key systems provide landlords and company owners with smooth sailing experience, By enabling them to unlock every door within their building/property with just one key, as compared to opening each entry in their workspace with a different key. The master key system provides for each particular entrance to be opened with a different key, and at the same time, able to be unlocked with one single master key.

Pros of this system include; Fewer keys are needed, they are easily customizable, major convenience factors, improved office security.

Panic Bar Installation Denver

Panic Bar Installation

Without proper security measures, Commercial and residential areas are at an increased risk of robbery and theft. Protecting your homes and business premises is highly crucial. That’s the reason why the installation of panic bars for security purposes is highly recommended. Panic bars installed indoors allows very easy exits in case there is a fire or earthquake. However, doors with the panic bars are impossible to operate from outside. Hence, the installation of panic bars promises your protection and safety.

Advanced Locksmith can fix any given type of push or panic bar in your business enterprise. Panic bars are now a requirement for company properties to have with regards to fire compliant policies. Many companies are in contact with various locksmith technicians and businesses to plan on getting panic bars installed in their workplaces.

Our technicians are well experienced with installations of panic bars that are following the approved codes. We provide heavy-duty panic bars suitable for several doors user. Any panic bar you want to be installed, we can provide. By calling us, we promise to be there always to secure your workplace from danger. The installations are still performed by the top office locksmiths available.

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Keyless entry systems

The days are gone when people needed to take keys everywhere with them for everything like your car, your house, and your office. In this modern age, everything is continuously becoming keyless.

According to the smart-lock you have, a keyless entry will utilize several ways to deactivate your lock mechanism. Keyless systems are wireless systems with the capability to provide a varying range of security advantages. These systems will enable an individual to access his/her locks without the need to be close to the protected property. For example, one can now unlock the door for another person while away from home, or an individual can lock up after leaving home, and you forgot to lock up. This is usually through a mobile phone app.

Besides, you can customize the smart locks to hold several different key codes for various members of your home. You can also set a temporary passcode to be soon deleted after it has been used once and no longer needed. This ultimately eliminates the need to call your commercial locksmith, instructing them to rekey your door locks when you want to change the locks.

Your smart locks can be set to function with a home monitoring system, and you can be continuously notified every time the door is accessed.

Window Security Bars

Window Security Bars

According to estimates, 6 out of 10 robberies start with access via a window at the back. Most burglaries are chances created by a window that is unlocked. Windows having less than 12 feet from the ground should be considered as a threat. In some instances, windows should be reinforced with bars for security.

Window bars, also known as security bars, are fixed over windows or glass doors to keep away intruders from accessing your business or home. Window bars should be behind the glass of the window or door, shattering the glass before tampering with security bars is something unwanted intruders mostly avoids due to alerting neighbors or setting off alarms.

If you are thinking of putting up security bars, it is necessary to know that the bars you are setting up for protection are the same ones that will provide a barrier during emergencies like a fire escape. Doors and windows that have security bars on them should have a fast-release tool to enable them to unlock at an instance in case of an emergency. These tools should allow the bars to be removed from inside without interfering with the security of your home or business. These devices can involve pushing a button, pulling a lever, kicking in gear, or stepping on a pedal on the floor.

High-security Dead Bolts

The lock works by engaging a bolt inside the Door. This segment of metal holds the door closed by extending from the door into the frame. There are two styles of a latch (or bolt), this is a deadbolt and a spring bolt.

A spring latch is a bolt positioned by a spring clip. The spring is pressed to release the bolt when unlocked, it springs into a locked position. This type of door usually locks when closed.

A deadbolt does not possess the spring loading procedure. It can be unlocked or locked when using a key. Deadbolts are mostly viewed to be more superior in terms of their security level compared to spring bolt, more so when there is a presence of deadbolt plunger in the lock. The plunger, also known as a guard bolt, is smaller in size and next to the deadbolt. It’s main job is to secure the lock from being jimmied open/picked open.

Business Rekey and Commercial Rekeying Commercial Locksmith Denver

Business Rekey and Commercial Rekeying

Rented stores and most commercial services usually get equipped with locks or doors that can be accessed by a variety of users, some of them are known while others are unknown to the owner. This gives room to doubt knowing that someone out there has some spare key that could enable them to gain access to your business. Thankfully, office locksmiths can help you with commercial rekey service.

With the professional craftsmanship that is provided by our experienced and well-trained locksmiths, you can have every key redesigned for everyone in your company. This means you can get back sole control/access to your enterprise regardless of numerous people having the keys. You can have as many compatible keys as you would like to have. Commercial locksmith Denver co is reliable, fast, and affordable for all improved commercial-grade lock and key needs.

It is highly recommended that lock rekeying services get applied in the circumstances like when keys are lost, stolen, or not returned. Also, when several locks need to function with one key when the building owner intends to limit the usage of old keys, new cleaning company and for a tenant who is new to leased property.

Hardware for the door

Locksmiths can supply and fit almost any custom door designs desired. Working with many manufacturers, they can deliver and install doors varying in sizes directly to your home or enterprise. Also, if needed, provide and fix any door hardware and locks to finish off the door. With highly experienced technicians, they take pride in installing custom doors.

Whether interested in replacing a basic closet door or planning to design a breathtaking grand entrance to your home, a commercial locksmith in Denver Colorado can assist you in finding the desired custom door you want and fixing it to perfection. We also offer beautifully Decorative Hardware for any door.

We work on many types of doors. If the door has a key or an entry pad, we can fix it, replace it, or upgrade it. Here are just a few:

  • Aluminum storefront repair
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Wood door repair and Lock installations
  • Door knobs, deadbolts, and door hardware

Cut off old rusty padlocks

We extract rusty padlocks and old locks without much hassle. Latches that have grown rusty on a fence, locking up the back gate, or a shed can be irritating and likely that you have gotten used to them in years.

Instead of ignoring them for years to come, we will gladly come to you and extract them for you. Our technicians can successfully remove, open, and cut old padlocks without harming the fence, gate, or door they are attached. We can also revive some old padlocks to life and create new keys for them if they can be salvaged. We supply various commercial-grade serviceable padlocks of high quality.

Some rusty locks are not even padlocks. They are standard doorknobs, screen door locks, letterbox locks, Lockwood locks, Yale locks, deadlocks, etc., that have been painted over and keyhole blocked by paints, and then subjected to adverse environmental conditions over a long time or just that they have not been serviced in many years.

After removing the old locks, we can offer to install new locks for you.

Access Control Systems

A growing number of businesses are using Access Control Systems for security. Denying access to vital areas is an informed strategy for securing supplies, people, and customer information is critical for the overall security of your premises. Locksmiths assist area enterprises by improving, maintaining, and installing access control systems. Are you focusing on updating/enhancing your business or home security? Consultants are available that help an individual to recognize how access control can serve your property best.

Maintaining a positive access control system is a vital part of risk management. Modern Access Control systems being installed are utilized for:

  • Provision of quick access to employees, usually for the ones that have been cleared.
  • Enabling measured access to visitors like employee family, utility workers, delivery personnel, etc.
  • Capturing information regarding persons entering and leaving facilities. (i.e., Images, timestamps, access number, etc.)

The overall focus of an access control system is to efficiently and effectively manage access. Incase access control fails, the system entirely becomes useless.

Every control system needs regular maintenance. An excellent maintenance schedule assists in avoiding hick-ups due to wear & tear on the system. Advanced Locksmith is fully prepared to tackle emergency and routine maintenance.

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Which locksmith services do you offer to your clients?

We are a full-service, professional firm, offering all locksmith services, including, but not limited to home/car/office lockouts, key duplication, re-keying of any lock, master key services, emergency doors, garages, window locks, smart locks, key fobs, key transponders and ignition systems.

Does Advanced Locksmiths provide 24-hour locksmith services?

Yes. We offer 24-hour, year-round service. You can call us anytime you need us and we’ll respond promptly and take care of your emergency.

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Yes. We gladly book appointments. We can travel to your location or you can come to us. It’s your choice.

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As a full-service locksmith firm, we are equipped to accept all forms of payment, including credit cards, travelers checks, money orders, cash, and crypto-currency.