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How Can We Serve Your Key Replacement Needs?

Advanced Locksmith has worked hard for more than 10 years to become the number one source for vehicle owners who need fast car key replacement in Denver, any time of the day or night, any day of the year. When you need any kind of keys replaced, and for whatever reason, we’ll be on our way to take care of you in minutes.

There are lots of reasons people call us for key replacement services. Sometimes they’ve simply lost all their original keys and want to save money by coming to us rather than using the dealership. Car dealers are known far and wide for charging exorbitant prices for key replacement, so you can cut your expenses by calling us. It’s that simple.

Want to know a secret? Many vehicle dealerships hire locksmiths to cut keys for them. Then, those same dealers turn around and sell those keys to unsuspecting owners who came in for key replacement.

The numbers tell the story because we, as independent locksmiths, can cut any vehicle key for you at a cost of about 50 percent less than a typical vehicle dealer would charge. Call around and find out. You’ll be surprised to hear what dealers want for key replacement, especially if you don’t have the original, or need reprogramming of a fob or chipped key transponder.

So, what about originals? Do you need your original key to take advantage of our key duplication service? No. We have the tools, top-level equipment, and trained technicians who can create an original from scratch, program it, and get you back on the road. Plus, we do it all for a reasonable price at any time of the day or night.

You’d be surprised how many people need car key replacement in Denver and hundreds of other cities around the country. Why? Because they often lose their “one and only” original, break it, or become victims of theft and end up with no keys to open or start their vehicles. We can create a fresh, working key for you, but we also give you a transponder or fob if you need one to go with the key, depending on the type of locking system your car has.

We are proud to be the local leaders for car key replacement in Denver and all surrounding areas. When you need a locksmith you can trust and one that has been serving local customers for more than a decade, give us a call. We’ll help you get back to your life without interruption.

Car Key Replacement Services

We do the full range of car key replacement services for anyone who calls us and needs help. Here are some of the specific things we do in situations when people need key replacement:

  • Standard Key Replacement
    The most common key replacement calls we get are from vehicle owners who want new “original” keys. Some have transponders and/or fobs that need to be reprogrammed as well. Fear not, because this service is part of our routine work. Plus, it doesn’t matter how old or new your vehicle is or what kind of locking mechanism it has. We know keys inside and out, so let us take care of your needs.
  • Cutting a New Key
    If you have lost your original key, have no backups, and need our team to cut a brand new one for you, don’t worry. We perform this service every day for stranded motorists and people who realize that they can’t find their only vehicle key. You don’t need to have an original for us to make you a new key.
  • Re-Programming Transponders and Fobs
    Maybe you just need a fresh key and a reprogrammed device to be on your way. If so, our technicians will do the work on the spot and let you get on with your life as soon as possible.
  • Dealing With Keys, Chips, and Devices
    Some people come to us when they have newer locking systems and need a full set of chipped keys, complete with a transponders and/or key fob mechanism. On many of today’s cars, these advanced systems are part of the standard security features. We can handle it all for you quickly and efficiently.

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Real 5-Star Reviews From Real Customers

We hear from our customers all the time, via phone calls, emails, and social media postings. The following are a few of the comments and five-star reviews that have appeared online from some of our recent clients.

Google Verified

The guy was great.  Everyone was very friendly.  I needed an old lock fixed because the previous owner of my house painted it, they fixed it up nice, and even were able to get the right key for it! I will definitely be using them in the future for locksmithing needs, which for me is a lot since I’m always locking myself out of places 😉 thanks guys!

Sarah Keller

Google Verified

My key broke inside my ignition.  Aaron came out diagnosed the problem and came back twice to make sure the issue was resolved.  I appreciate the professionalism Aaron showed and he guaranteed his work. Hopefully, I won’t need a locksmith anytime soon but if I do, Advanced  Locksmith will be my first call.

P Vieyra

Google Verified

My locksmith JD was extremely knowledgeable, professional and punctual. He came and did exactly what I needed him to in a very efficient manner. I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

Gage Groves

Google Verified

Jon H was awesome worked efficiently and quickly did what he said he would! Kept in contact the entire time he was on his way. Definitely using them again!

Sylvia Ortiz

Google Verified

Larry and Neil were fast, professional, and extremely friendly. They helped us in a pinch. Don’t look anywhere else for a locksmith, this is your goto. I used them for a house under unconventionally stressful circumstances, and they made the process painless and smooth.

Nick Vinson

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to replace a car key?

All keys are different, but it’s safe to say that prices range from about $150 to $500, depending on various factors, make, model, age of the vehicle, whether it’s a classic, collectible, or luxury version, and a few other things. Note that this pricing applies to key replacement, not simple key duplicating, which is a completely different, and much simpler process.

Which vehicle makes and models do you work with?

Our customers who seek out car key replacement in Denver, need not worry about the kind of vehicle they own. Our technicians deal with anything with wheels and a motor. In other words, we’ll do a key replacement for any make, any model, and any year of car, truck, luxury vehicle, collectable models, and all kinds of “classic” cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Are you open for 24 hours?

We never close. So, yes, we’re open 24 hours per day for car key replacement in Denver and all surrounding areas. Plus, we never take a day off, so you can call us on holidays, during terrible weather conditions, and any time you need us. In standard years, we are open 8,760 hours. For leap years, we’re open 8,784 hours. That works out to every single hour of every day of every year, in case you’re wondering.

What cities do you serve?

We proudly serve the entire Denver Metro area and the entire Front Range, as well as all the surrounding communities, including Arvada, Evergreen, Centennial, Westminster, Aurora, Lafayette, Louisville, and dozens of others. If you have any doubt about your location being too far away, just give us a call and we’ll let you know.

How quickly can you get to where I am located?

We send our top car key replacement in Denver teams the minute you call and ask for our help. Our drivers obey traffic laws, so the only thing that determines the total time in getting to you is the distance and perhaps severe weather if there’s ice and fresh snow on the ground. But, rest assured that we’ll depart as soon as you give the signal by phoning us.